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Tyre  8.3-22 SUPER SALE PRICE! (1)
Tyre  8.3-22 SUPER SALE PRICE! (2)Tyre  8.3-22 SUPER SALE PRICE! (3)
126,99 EUR (99,99 EUR + VAT)
Currently in stock!
8,3-22 size tractor tire for Japanese compact tractors without inner tube. The price listed is for 1 tire.
Good choice for following types of Japanese compact tractors:
Hinomoto CX19, Hinomoto E152, Hinomoto E16, Hinomoto E16D, Hinomoto E1802, Hinomoto E1804, Hinomoto E18D, Hinomoto N189, Hinomoto N200, Honda TX20, Honda TX22, Iseki TF19, Iseki TF193, Iseki TH20-Q, Iseki TS1610, Iseki TS1610F, Iseki TS2202, Iseki TS2202F, Iseki TS2205, Iseki TU170, Iseki TU1700, Iseki TU1700F, Iseki TU170F, Iseki TU175F, Iseki TU177F, Kubota A-19, Kubota B1-17, Kubota B1-17D, Kubota B1600, Kubota B1600DT, Kubota B1702, Kubota B1702DT, Kubota B1902DT, Kubota B92, Kubota L1500, Kubota L1500 a, Kubota L1500DT, Kubota L1501, Kubota L1501DT, Kubota L1511, Kubota L1801, Kubota L2000, Kubota L2201, Kubota L2201DT, Kubota L2201DT, Kubota TX20, Mitsubishi D1600, Mitsubishi D1650, Mitsubishi D1650FD, Mitsubishi D1800II, Mitsubishi GS20, Mitsubishi MT18, Mitsubishi MT181, Mitsubishi MT185, Mitsubishi MT18D, Mitsubishi MT190, Mitsubishi ST1640, Satoh ST1600, Satoh ST1640, Shibaura P175F, Shibaura P17F, Shibaura P185F, Shibaura SD1500B, Shibaura SD1540B, Shibaura SD1603, Shibaura SP1700, Shibaura SP1740, Yanmar AF-18, Yanmar AF120, Yanmar AF180, Yanmar AF220, Yanmar F-180, Yanmar F-190, Yanmar F17, Yanmar F175D, Yanmar F17D, Yanmar FX17, Yanmar FX175D, Yanmar FX17D, Yanmar YM1500, Yanmar YM1500D, Yanmar YM1600, Yanmar YM1601, Yanmar YM1601D, Yanmar YM1610, Yanmar YM1610D, Yanmar YM1702, Yanmar YM1702D, Yanmar YM1720, Yanmar YM1720D, Yanmar YM1802, Yanmar YM1802D, Yanmar YMG1800D,
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