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Tyre 6.00-14

Tyre  6.00-14 (1)
Tyre  6.00-14 (2)Tyre  6.00-14 (3)
59,99 EUR (47,24 EUR + VAT)
Currently in stock!
6.00-14 size tractor tire for Japanese compact tractors without inner tube. The price listed is for 1 tire. The outer diameter is 67cm. Its width is 14cm. The cost of shipping 2 pieces to Ireland is 21 Euro + VAT, to the UK is 23 Euro + VAT, to Sweden is 23-43 Euro + VAT.
Good choice for following types of Japanese compact tractors:
Hinomoto E18D, Hinomoto JF1, Hinomoto N200, Hinomoto NX200, Hinomoto NX21, Hinomoto NX240, Hinomoto NZ215, Hinomoto NZ235, Iseki TA207F, Iseki TA215F, Iseki TA227F, Iseki TF21, Iseki TF223, Iseki TG21, Iseki TL1900F, Iseki TL1901F, Iseki TL2100F, Iseki TS1610F, Iseki TS2202, Iseki TU180F, Iseki TU185F, Iseki TU197F, Iseki TU200F, Iseki TU205F, Iseki TU217F, Kubota GB20F, Kubota GL19, Kubota GL200, Kubota GL21, Kubota GL23, Kubota GL241, Kubota GT-3, Kubota GT19, Kubota KL23, Kubota L1-18, Kubota L1-195D, Kubota L1-20, Kubota L1-215, Kubota L1-225D, Kubota L1-235D, Kubota L1500DT, Kubota L1501DT, Kubota L1801DT, Kubota L1802DT, Kubota L2002, Kubota L2201DT, Kubota L2202DT, Kubota T240D, Kubota X-20, Kubota X-24, Mitsubishi D1600FD, Mitsubishi D1850FD, Mitsubishi D2050FD, Mitsubishi D2350FD, Mitsubishi GS21, Mitsubishi MT200, Mitsubishi MT2001DX, Mitsubishi MT201, Mitsubishi MT205, Mitsubishi MT20D, Mitsubishi MT21D, Mitsubishi MT220, Mitsubishi MT2201D, Mitsubishi MT225, Mitsubishi MT22D, Mitsubishi MT241, Mitsubishi MTR270, Mitsubishi MTX225, Mitsubishi MTX245, Mitsubishi MTX24D, Mitsubishi MTZ21, Mitsubishi ST1640, Mitsubishi ST2040, Mitsubishi ST2340, Satoh ST1640, Satoh ST2001D, Satoh ST2340, Shibaura D208, Shibaura D215F, Shibaura D228F, Shibaura P21F, Shibaura S325, Shibaura SD1843, Shibaura SD2043, Shibaura SD2200, Shibaura SD2243, Yanmar AF-22, Yanmar AF220, Yanmar AF224, Yanmar AF322, Yanmar EF224, Yanmar F-220, Yanmar F-230, Yanmar F20D, Yanmar F215D, Yanmar F215D MH, Yanmar FB15D, Yanmar FF205D, Yanmar FF225D, Yanmar FV-220, Yanmar FV200, Yanmar FX20D, Yanmar FX215D, Yanmar KE-1D, Yanmar RS24D, Yanmar YM2000BD, Yanmar YM2000D, Yanmar YM2001D, Yanmar YM2002D, Yanmar YM2010D, Yanmar YM2020D, Yanmar YM2202D, Yanmar YM2210D, Yanmar YM2220D, Yanmar YM2301D, Yanmar YM2402D, Yanmar YM2420D,
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