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Tyre 8-16 SD pattern design

Tyre  8-16 SD pattern design (1)
Tyre  8-16 SD pattern design (2)
124,99 EUR (98,42 EUR + VAT)
Currently in stock!
8-16 size tractor tractor pattern tyre for Japanese compact tractors without tube. The price is for one piece. The outer diameter of the tire is 75 cm. Its width is 18 cm. It weighs 19.2 kg.
Good choice for following types of Japanese compact tractors:
Hinomoto C142, Hinomoto C144, Iseki TA317F, Iseki TF5F, Iseki TG33, Iseki TG33 V, Iseki TG333, Iseki TL2700F, Iseki TS2160F, Iseki TU140, Iseki TU1400F, Iseki TU140F, Iseki TU145F, Iseki TU147F, Iseki TX1300 II., Iseki TX1300, Iseki TX1300F II., Iseki TX1300F, Iseki TX1410, Iseki TX1410F, Iseki TX145F, Kubota B-40, Kubota B1-14D, Kubota B1220, Kubota B1400, Kubota B1400DT, Kubota B1402DT, Kubota B1620, Kubota B1820, Kubota B2420, Kubota B7000, Kubota B7000E, Kubota B7001, Kubota B7001E, Kubota GL27D, Kubota GL29D, Kubota L1-315D, Kubota L46 Cabin, Kubota L46, Mitsubishi D1300, Mitsubishi D1300FD, Mitsubishi D1350FD, Mitsubishi D1450FD, Mitsubishi D1500, Mitsubishi D1500FD, Mitsubishi MSX13, Mitsubishi MT135, Mitsubishi MT14, Mitsubishi MT1401, Mitsubishi MT146, Mitsubishi MT14D, Mitsubishi MT306, Mitsubishi MTX13D, Mitsubishi MTX15D, Mitsubishi Noda NR1501, Satoh ST1300, Satoh ST1300D, Satoh ST1440, Satoh ST1510, Satoh ST1510D, Shibaura D28F, Shibaura D295, Shibaura SD3243, Shibaura SL1343, Shibaura SU1300, Shibaura SU1301, Shibaura SU1341D, Shibaura SU1500, Shibaura SU1540D, Suzue M1301, Suzue M1502D, Tym T353, Yanmar F-5, Yanmar F13D, Yanmar F14, Yanmar F145, Yanmar F145D, Yanmar F14D, Yanmar FF145D, Yanmar FX285D, Yanmar FX28D, Yanmar KE-3D, Yanmar KE-40, Yanmar US36D, Yanmar US39D, Yanmar YM1300, Yanmar YM1300D, Yanmar YM1301, Yanmar YM1301D, Yanmar YM1401, Yanmar YM1401D,
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